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Approximate cost of pursuing family related cases & timescale

On this page we explain our approach to pricing in family related matters.

What do we charge for?

What is included?

Initial instructions; gathering of information; consideration of documents; providing advice; preparing applications in the family courts, drafting witness statement; submitting the application; and/or advising the client on timelines and the outcome of their application; and/or instructing counsel, experts, interpreters, translators (where applicable). 

What is not included?

See disbursements on this page.

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The duration of your case, from receiving initial instructions to reaching a final resolution, varies depending on the stage at which your case is resolved. If a settlement is reached through mediation, it is expected to take approximately 3-6 weeks. However, if your claim proceeds to a final hearing, the timeframe is likely to be around 6-9 months, depending on when the Tribunal schedules the hearing.


Please note that these timeframes are approximate, and we will be able to provide a more accurate estimate as we gather more information and progress with the matter. If any unforeseen complexities arise, we will keep you informed and provide a revised estimate.



Disbursements are costs intrinsic to your matter, payable to 3rd parties, such as court fees, barrister’s, expert’s fees, and courier charges. You may incur the following: 

  • Barrister’s fees are generally estimated between £1,000 to £2,500 per day (+  VAT), depending on the level of experience of council,  for providing representation at a Tribunal Hearing. For complex cases it may be advisable to instruct a more senior barrister and their fees will be higher.

  • Click here to check family court fees

  • Ancillary disbursements such as courier and postage charges, etc.

  • Expert fee is dependent upon type of report and can be in the range of 800-2000 VAT exclusive.

  • Other unoforseen costs.  No range can be give for these costs without knowing what is being required at a particulat stage of the proceedings. 

Hourly rates: lawyer experience & qualification

Hourly rates vary according to seniority and experience of the professional dealing with case. We also consider the complexity, urgency, and value of the matter. Experience and qualification of people undertaking family work at Archbold is set out in the Our Team section of this website. 

VAT is charged @20%

  • Solicitors with over 8 years' experience:  £500 + VAT

  • Solicitors with over 4 years' experience:  £350 + VAT

  • Solicitors with less than 4 years' experience:  £300 + VAT

  • Trainee solicitors, caseworkers, paralegals, and other fee earners:  £195 + VAT

Solicitor representation before Family Court costs

VAT is charged @20%

If we are instructed to attend a family court hearing then there will be an additional charges as given below. This includes our travel costs:


  • Solicitors with over 8 years' experience:  £1,500 - 2,000 per day + VAT.

  • Solicitors with over 4 years' experience: £1,000-1,500 per day + VAT.

  • Soliictors with less than 4 years' experience: £300-1000 per day + VAT.

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